Court-Appointed Liquidator

Court Appointed Liquidator Services — NATIONWIDE / GLOBAL

For over 40 years, EDS as Court-Appointed Liquidator has skillfully guided and judiciously represented the world’s leading financial institutions, attorneys and law firms, creditors, investors, and myriad other stakeholders in commercial foreclosures, liquidations, and distressed asset management and dispositions.  Our award-winning Court-Appointed Liquidator services have generated Billions-of-Dollars, and we are recognized worldwide as the industry gold standard.

Our award-winning services have earned us the distinction of being the only Court-Appointed Liquidator in the country that the United States Environmental Protection Agency allows to conduct such services on active Superfund Sites.

EDS is pleased to provide Court—Appointed Receiver/Keeper services to the United States Marshals Service for federal court seizures of assets under admiralty jurisdiction.

A Court-Appointed Liquidator is a professional appointed by a court to manage and liquidate the assets of a company or individual in a legal proceeding. This can include bankruptcies, receiverships, and other types of financial restructuring. The Court-Appointed Liquidator’s role is to collect, protect and preserve the assets of the company or individual and to distribute those assets to creditors or other stakeholders in accordance with the law.

The Court-Appointed Liquidator’s responsibilities may include:

  • Assessing the company’s or individual’s financial status, including identifying and valuing assets and liabilities.
  • Managing and liquidating assets, such as selling property or inventory, to repay creditors.
  • Investigating potential fraud or mismanagement by the company or individual and reporting this to the court.
  • Communicating with creditors and other stakeholders, such as shareholders, to inform them about the liquidation process.
  • Preparing and submitting reports to the court on the progress of the liquidation.

The Court-Appointed Liquidator must be neutral and impartial and be subject to oversight by the court to ensure that they act in the best interests of creditors and other stakeholders.

Our distressed asset specialists marshal onsite 24/7/365 throughout the world to secure, protect, preserve, maintain, and enhance the going-concern value of the businesses and business assets that might otherwise be lost during bankruptcies, foreclosures, restructuring, and replevin actions while actively pursuing permanent solutions.

We specialize in providing 24/7/365 onsite interim-crisis Court-Appointed Receiver/Keeper (Louisiana) management teams to operate troubled accounts facing operational and financial difficulties. We are particularly skilled in providing transitional management in highly contentious special assets and special situations and in handling all efforts related to the wind-down, disposition, and liquidation of industrial, manufacturing, and distribution plants and facilities and environmentally-impaired assets, real and moveable.

EDS’ Asset Recovery Centers of America® unit owns/operates strategically located multi-purpose venues to store and remarket recover assets. Our full-service Recovery Centers fulfill our unique capacity to immediately marshal our clients recovered moveable assets, air, land, and marine, to our secure facilities for disposition. Our flagship Recovery Center is the Port of Slidell in Slidell, Louisiana (Greater Gulf South, USA).


Today’s business climate and environmental concerns dictate that Court Appointed Liquidator services must be handled by seasoned—practiced—experienced professionals who keenly appreciate the legal exposures, environmental risks, and creditor responsibilities surrounding these activities.

It is often said that ‘liquidation is an art’ and ‘art is in the eye of the beholder.’ Think of a Picasso and a Velvet-Elvis. While their respective audience appreciates both as ‘art’—in both appreciation and value—they are worlds apart. To appreciate EDS’ artistry in distressed asset dispositions is to appreciate the difference. We are not dot-com auctioneers, used equipment jockeys, nor two-bubba’s-with-a-truck. Our distressed asset specialists are practiced artists that provide secured creditors with the professional alternative.

Our practiced commercial loss mitigation and distressed asset disposition methodology and techniques are commensurate with the client’s best interests.  Our fee structure is incentive-based and promotes results that often exceed our client’s established goals. This ensures the highest and best values for our clients in converting their special assets and special situations to cash and relieves them of the frustrations, limitations, and especially the risks so often associated with such questionable Velvet-Elvi’.

Our comprehensive commercial loss mitigation and distressed asset disposition services include 24/7/365 Receivers/Keepers, dismantling, shipping, storing, maintenance, repair, and remarketing. We are particularly skilled at handling marine-related machinery and equipment, land-based and floating assets, e.g., inland vessels, work-boats, barges, cranes, drilling equipment, marine equipment, and cargoes along the Greater Gulf Coast of the United States at our flagship Recovery Center, the Port of Slidell in Slidell, Louisiana (Greater Gulf South, USA). Our asset recovery technicians are specifically trained in machinery and equipment removal, and our practiced methods and procedures serve to protect and enhance the value of our client’s assets, unlike lesser, Velvet-Elvi’ equipment maulers so often associated with such activities.

Our asset remarketing efforts are handled by our polished global market-makers who are particularly skilled in building markets and in seeking out and identifying end-user purchasers, no middlemen nor dealers, for secure private-treaty sales. These efforts translate into significantly greater returns for our clients. Remarketing can be accomplished on-site or from one of our strategically located Asset Recovery Centers of America® venues.

The choice is yours… PICASSO OR VELVET-ELVIS