Distressed Debt / Special Asset Investing

Distressed Debt / Special Assets-Situations Investing Opportunities

EDS leverages its proprietary global investment/asset recovery and distressed assets services platform to acquire non-essential and overlapping capital assets through corporate consolidations and restructuring transactions, special assets and special situations from operationally challenged and financially distressed companies, and non-performing loan portfolios from secured creditors. We invite institutional and well-qualified private investors to participate alongside us as equals in such Distressed Asset Investing opportunities.

Distressed Brand Investments & Acquisitions

Whether independently or as part of broader, multi-asset dispositions, we acquire, cultivate and reimagine—dormant, underdeveloped, or in-transition intellectual property. Our vast experience buying, selling, and managing special assets and special situations over more than 30-years informs our strategy and helps us inject new life and value into non-performing and underutilized brands.