Equity Development Systems, Ltd® integrated services operating groups

Appraisal Expert Witness

VALUATION - Appraisals & Appraiser Expert Witness Testimony

Our Valuation and Advisory Services Group value assets across industries and asset classes throughout the world. Our multidisciplinary valuers are internationally recognized and accredited ASA/RICS/MAI & USPAP/IVS appraisal instructors—all luminaries in the global valuation community. We specialize in providing appraisal expert-witness testimony and litigation-support services to attorneys and law firms worldwide, and we have prevailed in billions of dollars at issue in some of the world’s most important—high-profile—and valuable valuation cases.

Collateral / Distressed Asset Management

MANAGEMENT - Receivership & Distressed Asset Management

EDS provides the complete spectrum of Receivership and Distressed Asset Management and Risk Mitigation services across industries and asset classes, real and moveable, tangible and intangible, to financial institutions, attorney and law firms, asset-based lenders, leasing companies, private-equity firms, and myriad other secured creditors, investors and stakeholders throughout-the-world.

Special / Distressed Asset Dispositions, equity development systems ltd

DISPOSITIONS - Investment & Asset Recovery / Liquidations

EDS represents many of the world's leading multinational corporations, financial institutions, attorneys and law firms, secured creditors, investors, and myriad others in the disposition of nonessential capital and distressed assets across all industries and asset classes, real and moveable, tangible and intangible. From the disposition of an active National Priorities List Superfund Site—to a Decommissioned Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier—to the pencils-on-the-desk, we handle it all and we have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for our global clientele in the conversion of their nonessential, surplus, and troubled assets to cash.

Investment Recovery
Our Investment Recovery Systems® group represents many of the world’s leading multinational corporations in the redeployment and disposition of their nonessential, surplus, and overlapping capital assets, real and moveable, through corporate consolidations and restructuring transactions.

Asset Recovery
Our Asset Recovery Systems® group handles commercial foreclosure and disposition services for secured lenders throughout the world. We specialize in providing onsite interim crisis and turnaround management teams to operate troubled accounts facing operational and financial difficulties. We are exceptionally skilled in providing transitional management in highly contentious special situations, handling the disposition of environmentally impaired real and moveable property, and all efforts related to the wind-down and disposition of heavy-industrial manufacturing and distribution plants and facilities.

Distressed Assets Investing

INVESTMENTS - Private-Equity Investing / M&A Advisory

Our Private-Equity Group invests in people and affords owners and management more than just liquidity and investment dollars. Running a company is a complex process, requiring expert planning, advice, and execution. In committing its own funds, EDS does not act as a broker but as a value-added partner, one who together with its affiliates, can bring the funds and expertise needed to realize almost any given project.