Asset-Based Lending Compliance Services

Lending Compliance Systems® provides a comprehensive suite of asset-based lending compliance programs and services to federally regulated financial institutions, asset-based lenders, leasing companies, hedge funds, private-equity firms and myriad other secured creditors and investors and fiduciaries throughout-the-world.

Our transactional suite-of-services include Comprehensive Transactional Due Diligence, Appraisal, Deal Vetting, Credit Analysis and Analytics, Account Monitoring, Risk Assessments, Project Management, Independent Appraisal Review and Appraisal Management, Environmental Compliance Reviews, Independent Auditing, and Feasibility Studies.

Our Collateral Asset Management Group provides comprehensive—cradle-to-grave—collateral asset lifecycle risk and operational management programs and services that include: Appraisal / Appraisal Review / Appraisal Management and Environmental Review Services, Field Inspections, Asset Tagging, UCC Filings, Periodic Onsite Compliance Inspections, Off-Lease and Special Asset Replevin / Recovery / Disposition and, onsite Special Situations Receivers / Trustees / Keepers and Interim / Crisis Management teams.

Our specialists work closely with the client to analyze and determine its institutional and regulatory requirements. After goals and objectives are established, our compliance teams prepare comprehensive due diligence protocols, develop account and site-specific strategies, and visit the client’s location(s). We meet with borrowers and site management personnel to communicate the level of compliance its lender requires in a courteous and professional manner that-leaves-no-room-for-interpretation.

Lending Compliance Systems® distinctive programs and services reduce risk and bring our clients the safety, comfort, flexibility and confidence to increase credit to existing customers and to seek out and book new business opportunities where others cannot.

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