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For over 30-years secured creditors throughout-the-world have relied on EDS to handle their special situations foreclosures, wind-downs, and special situations needs. From the disposition of National Priority List Superfund Sites to the 'pencils-on-the-desk' we handle it all, and we have generated hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars for our global clientele in the conversion of their special assets and special situations to cash.

Our Special Situations Group marshal on site 24/7/365 throughout-the-world to provide the complete spectrum of commercial loss mitigation interim and turnaround management and disposition services. Our operations teams work closely with the secured creditor and their legal representatives to protect, maintain and enhance the going-concern value of the business and/or business assets that might otherwise be lost during bankruptcies, foreclosures, restructurings, liquidations, and replevin related actions while actively pursuing permanent solutions.

The impact of complex and contentious litigation in many special situations can complicate, if not destroy, the secured lender’s position if not handled properly. Non-current, non-performing, distressed, and troubled accounts present many pressing challenges. When problematic accounts facing operational or financial challenges and special situations do occur, our experienced—street-savvy—proficient interim/turnaround/workout management teams employ creative solutions that often reverse and cure these special situations immediately.

EDS' Special Situations Group specializes in handling the disposition of contentious special asset and environmentally-sensitive special situations. Our award-winning environmental special situations services have earned us the distinction of being the only company of its kind that the United States Environmental Protection Agency allows to conduct special situations related investment-recovery activities for secured lenders on Superfund Sites. We are very proud of this distinction and believe that it and our body-of-work for such multinational giants as Signal Capital, Merck, Pfizer, and GE speak to our level of expertise and the confidence placed in us by all parties.

EDS' Special Situations Group actively seeks to partner with owners, managers, and creditors to achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders. These efforts often lead to exceptional investment opportunities for EDS’ Special Situations Private-Equity investment funds.

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Special Situations