Personal Property Appraisal


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EDS holds the only RICS Expert Witness Accreditation Service and Valuation Dispute Resolution Service Certifications
in the United States and all of the Americas—one of only a handful of such Certifications in the world.

An Elite-Rated member of the peer-voted Super Appraisers® Global Network of internationally-recognized appraisal luminaries.

Prevailing in billions-of-dollars at issue in some of the world’s most important—high-profile—and valuablevaluation litigation.

EDS’ internationally accredited Personal Property appraisal experts provide appraisals of tangible movable property that is utilitarian, collectible, decorative, or a combination of the three for specific purposes such as insurance, estate tax, damage claims, donation, sale, dissolution of marriage, and equitable distribution.

Our personal property appraisal clients enjoy and benefit from our proprietary real-time global machinery and equipment transactions database. Our moveable property appraisers work onsite to create detailed equipment lists and pair this knowledge with in-depth market analysis driven by our proprietary network of industry contacts, the depth of experience from the largest ASA/RICS accredited MTS team in the industry, as well as the direct recovery experience of our commercial/industrial disposition experts, who have handled the disposition of billions-of-dollars of commercial/industrial assets.