Distressed Assets Investing

Distressed Assets Investing / Special Assets & Situations Private-Equity and Advisory Services

EDS’ Distressed Assets Investing Group utilizes its highly-specialized expertise to acquire the assets, both real and moveable, of operationally challenged and financially distressed companies. The Group has extensive experience; including environmental, automotive, consumer, defense, energy, healthcare, industrial, retail, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. We believe our ability to leverage synergies across the broader EDS family of portfolio companies and identify investment opportunities across the Global Market Strategies platform is a significant competitive advantage.

We have a lean investment process and a flexible mandate with the ability to invest at all levels of the capital structure to maximize risk-adjusted returns: in bank loans and private equity. This flexibility allows us to react swiftly to changing market conditions. Our investment track-record demonstrates our ability to generate highly attractive returns throughout the economic cycle and independent of the default rate environment. The Group’s investments range from distressed real assets, liquidity constrained businesses and healthy companies with the potential to unlock value through access to growth capital and a strong sponsor. Our investment horizon spans from short duration investments targeting high IRRs to long duration private equity-style investments targeting high multiples of invested capital. We are active investors and seek to obtain influential or controlling interests in investments whenever possible. This enables the Group to drive returns and value by influencing the direction of its portfolio companies at the board and senior executive levels.

Capital preservation is paramount to us and as a result, the Group employs a private equity approach to due diligence for each investment with a focus on downside protection and a sufficient margin of safety. Once we make an investment, we create value through operational improvements, capital structure optimization and investments in growth, either organic or through add-on acquisitions.  We draw upon EDS’ established network, deep industry expertise and Corporate Private Equity and Global Market Strategies platforms to give us the competitive edge of a strategic player in a market dominated by financial investors.

In addition, EDS’ Distressed Assets Investing Group uses the EDS network to support the management teams of portfolio companies.  We do not act as managers but look to support management by committing capital to attractive growth opportunities and by supporting profit improvement and growth initiatives.  We select managers who can build upon a company’s strengths while also shoring up areas of weakness. In addition, EDS’ industry focus enables the Group to appoint Board members who have extensive sector experience and can provide critical insights into the issues shaping a portfolio company’s future.

For Distressed Assets Investing opportunities, please contact: kjd@edsltd.com

EDS invests in ‘people’ and affords owners and management more than just liquidity and investment dollars. Running a company is a complex process, requiring expert planning, advice, and execution. In committing its own funds, EDS does not act as a broker but rather as a value-added partner—one who, together with its affiliates, has the ability to bring to the table the funds and expertise needed to realize almost any given type of project. Our seasoned professionals provide our portfolio companies and advisory clients’ with a broad range of value-creating—monetizing advice and services. This includes growing the company through strategic alliances and joint ventures from within our family of portfolio companies.

While we do not limit our investments and advisory services to any particular industry or sector. We are particularly attracted to and skilled at investing in and advising Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Leading-Edge Defense Technologies and U.S. Government Contractors requiring TS Clearance, Women-Owned Businesses and, in Special Assets and Special Situations.

Many extraordinary companies are closely-held and family-owned businesses. Owners of such businesses are motivated for a variety of reasons, but one element remains constant—they want their babies to grow and succeed. We regard our portfolio companies and clients as ‘Family‘. Our commitment is nurturing, reliable, constant, and untiring.

As patient long-term investors dedicated to value creation, when the time is right, we exit our investments through IPO’s, sales to strategic buyers, and other means.

Strategic Approach

EDS acquires majority stakes in companies or investment opportunities where a definitive, core strategy and superior execution will result in risk-adjusted investment returns. Our approach consists of a unique combination of infusing capital, utilizing strategic relationships, and working directly with existing management. This methodology allows EDS to deploy resources that dramatically increase revenue, cash flow, and growth.

Value Proposition

EDS brings upward, post-acquisition value creation through initiatives which identify and execute formal roll-up strategies and horizontal/vertical integrations.

  • Devising and implementing strategic plans, business plans, and formal budgeting processes.
  • Overhauling and modernizing sales, marketing, recruitment, training, and management functions.
  • Elevating technological and communication standards.
  • Providing equity to management and utilizing heavily incentivized compensation plans.
  • Leveraging our partnerships with recruiters, lenders, strategic partners, key contacts, accounting resources, and legal representation to maximize revenues and growth.
  • Identifying potential exit strategies, when appropriate.

Investment Style

EDS seeks investment opportunities all over the world that range from $100,000 – $50,000,000+ in virtually every area, from idea phase, startup, angel, mature business cycle, or divestment of large, public entities.

  • Purchase
  • Equity Infusion
  • Recapitalization
  • Debt to Equity Conversion
  • Partnership or Joint Venture
  • EDS strongly prefers operating control in its investments in order to most effectively implement its growth strategies.

Investment Criteria

  • Majority stake/controlling interest.
  • An experienced management team that seeks to grow; or contingent upon specific factors, situations where the owner/operator seeks to retire, exit, or take equity out of the company.
  • Potential scalability through organic growth, acquisitions or horizontal/vertical integration.
  • Historically strong cash flow or demonstrated revenue build-up with potential to grow substantially.
  • Strong positioning in the market or potential to become a leader in the market.
  • Potential to realize significant efficiency gains from our unparalleled back office, accounting and legal support.
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    Wall Street Smarts with Main Street Sense‘.

    EDS’ Investment Banking and M&A Advisory Group afford our clients’ the opportunity to benefit from our billions-of-dollars in transactional and strategic advice and value-creation services in mergers and acquisitions, financing, and risk-management transactions.

    As a boutique investment bank, EDS is not engaged in securities underwriting, trading or certain other activities conducted by traditional investment banks. However, we do provide a broad range of research and advisory services for both public and private companies.

    Our services include handling the sale of a company or division or divisional capital assets, both real and moveable, or, acquiring an investment-grade business or product line, as well as seeking out identifying and forming joint ventures and strategic partnerships for our clients. When required, our strategic alliances with major Wall Street investment banks and international private-equity firms provide our clients with broad access to traditional full-service investment-banking services, and global investors and financial markets.

    For more information, please contact: kjd@edsltd.com or call 866.887.0852 Ext.702