Mergers & Acquisitions Group (Buy-Side)

EDS' Mergers & Acquisitions Group (Buy-Side) advises and assists clients in formulating and developing acquisition criteria and strategies, as well as identifying and approaching targeted acquisition candidates that meet the client’s strategic growth objectives.

The acquisition process includes documenting due diligence, establishing a value for the targeted concern, preparing confidentiality agreements, negotiating terms and conditions of the purchase, and arranging for any required financing. As in the sale of a business, EDS’s mergers & acquisitions advisory professionals can advise the purchaser on a wide range of topics, including legal, tax, accounting, and other issues that could affect the transaction.

Corporate downsizing and industry consolidations have opened the door to extraordinary opportunities for small and middle-market companies seeking to acquire and capitalize on these opportunities to expand and grow. Because of EDS' position in the mergers & acquisitions advisory marketplace, our extensive database of international mergers & acquisitions activity, and strategic alliances with major Wall Street investment banks, we can bring our clients candidate acquisitions where others cannot.

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