For over 40-years, Equity Development Systems Ltd (EDS) unparalleled performance, industry leadership, and global reach have helped global corporates, lenders, attorneys and law firms, operating companies, and investors throughout the world manage change. We bring a unique—powerful combination of industry expertise, global experience, and private capital to each opportunity.

What EDS offers is unique and uniquely EDS—a purpose-built firm specializing in creative solutions for global corporates and the finance and legal communities. At EDS, clients work exclusively with veteran professionals—industry instructors and global luminaries—whose reputation for excellence and influential insights are recognized and appreciated in boardrooms and courtrooms worldwide.

As you explore our award-winning suite of services you will find a common core—passion and excellence in what we do—principled-exacting care in how we do it—and familial reverence for whom we do it.

EDS is a relationship-driven firm. Our commitment to clients is nurturing, reliable, constant, and untiring. We build lasting relationships based on performance and in our ability to provide our clients with a broad range of unique—value-creating advice and services.

Working closely together, our integrated services operating groups provide unparalleled advice and service on a global basis. EDS is distinguished by its unique industry expertise and its success in forming long-term working relationships with our international clientele.

Equity Development Systems, Ltd. Integrated Services Operating Groups:

EDS’ Appraisal Review and Management Systems® Group value assets across industries and asset classes throughout-the-world. Our multidisciplinary valuers are internationally-recognized and accredited ASA/RICS/MAI & USPAP/IVS appraisal instructors and luminaries in the global valuation community. We specialize in providing appraisal expert witness testimony and litigation-support services to attorneys and law firms throughout-the-world, and we have prevailed in billions-of-dollars at issue in some of the world’s most important—high-profile—and valuable valuation-related cases. Learn more.

EDS’ Lending Compliance Systems® Group provides comprehensive collateral and distressed asset management and risk-mitigation services across industries and asset classes to lenders, lessors, private-equity firms, investors, and myriad other stakeholders. Our services greatly reduce risk and bring our clients’ the safety, comfort, flexibility, and confidence to increase credit to existing customers and to seek out and book new business opportunities where others cannot. Learn more.

EDS’ Investment Recovery Systems® Group represents many of the world’s leading multinational corporations, financial institutions, attorneys and law firms, asset-based lenders, secured creditors, investors, and myriad others in the disposition of nonessential capital and distressed assets across all industries and asset classes, real and moveable, tangible and intangible. From the disposition of an active National Priorities List Superfund Site—to a Decommissioned Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier—to the pencils-on-the-desk we handle it all, and we have generated billions-of-dollars for our global clientele in the conversion their surplus and distressed assets to cash. Learn more

EDS Private-Equity Group  invests in people and affords owners and management more than just liquidity and investment dollars. Running a company is a complex process, requiring expert planning, advice, and execution. In committing its own funds, EDS’ Private-Equity Group does not act as a broker but rather as a value-added partner—one who, together with its affiliates, has the ability to bring to the table the funds and expertise needed to realize almost any given type of project. Learn more.