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For over 40 years, Equity Development Systems Ltd (EDS) unparalleled performance, industry leadership, and global reach have helped global corporates, financial institutions, creditors, courts, attorneys and law firms, operating companies, investors, and stakeholders throughout the world manage change. We bring a unique—powerful combination of industry expertise, global experience, and private capital to each opportunity.

What EDS offers is unique and uniquely EDS—a purpose-built Valuation, Receivership, Distressed Asset Management and Dispositions, Investment Banking, and Private-Equity Investment firm specializing in creative solutions for global corporates and the finance and legal communities. At EDS, clients work exclusively with veteran professionals—industry instructors and international luminaries whose reputation for excellence and influential insights are recognized and appreciated in boardrooms and courtrooms worldwide.

As you explore our award-winning global suite of services, you will find a common core—passion and excellence in what we do—principled-exacting care in how we do it—and familial reverence for whom we do it.

EDS is a relationship-driven firm. Our commitment to clients is nurturing, reliable, constant, and untiring. We build lasting relationships based on performance and our ability to provide clients with a broad range of unique—value-creating advice and services.

Working closely together, our integrated services operating groups provide unparalleled advice and service on a global basis. EDS is distinguished by its unique industry expertise and success in building lasting relationships underpinned by trust and credibility with our international clientele.

EDS’s unparalleled level of expertise is recognized and appreciated in boardrooms and courtrooms throughout the world. How may we be of service to you?

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Appraisal Expert Witness


(1) "The actions undertaken on behalf of Signal Capital have established a level of confidence that has resulted in EPA allowing Signal to dispose of movable property on the facility in a way that most secured creditors would ordinarily not enjoy. In fact, I know of no other analogous situation where the EPA Region 6 Removal Program has cooperated with a secured creditor to the extent it has due to your efforts.

Senior Attorney

USEPA, Region 6


(2) Such a relationship generally does not develop whereby EPA would permit a secured creditor to liquidate uncontaminated movable property due to the realistic concern that such actions would aggravate existing environmental problems or would interfere with EPA’s removal action. It is not at all unusual that in EPA’s proper exercise of its CERCLA responsibilities such accommodations are flatly rejected.

Senior Attorney

USEPA, Region 6


(3) Notwithstanding that general approach, you have demonstrated a level of responsibility and credibility that has warranted a different approach for EPA in this matter".

Senior Attorney

USEPA, Region 6


Veteran professionals—industry instructors and international luminaries.
Familial reverence for whom we do it.
Insights recognized and appreciated in boardrooms and courtrooms worldwide.
Passion and excellence in what we do.

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