EDS Valuation Services Group value assets across industries and asset classes worldwide. Our discipline-specific and multidisciplinary valuers are internationally recognized and accredited ASA/RICS/MAI & USPAP/IVS (Red Book) appraisal instructors—all well-published Super Appraisers® Elite-Rated international valuation luminaries.

We specialize in providing Appraisal Expert-Witness and litigation-support services to attorneys and law firms throughout the world, and we have prevailed in Billions-of-Dollars at issue in some of the world’s most complex—important—high-profile—and valuable valuation-related litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

EDS holds the only RICS Valuation Expert Witness Accreditation Service (EWAS) and Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) Certifications in the Western Hemisphere—one of only a handful of such Certifications in the world.

Receivership services refer to the management and administration of assets, property, or business operations by a court-appointed receiver. A receiver is a third-party individual or entity appointed by a court to take control of the assets of a business, property or assets of a person or organization that is in financial distress or under a court order.

For over 40 years in hundreds of assignments across industries and asset classes throughout the country, EDS has skillfully and judiciously served as Court-Appointed Receiver for all stakeholders to preserve, protect, manage, operate, and otherwise handle the disposition of real and moveable assets in commercial foreclosures, bankruptcies, business disputes, and myriad other legal proceedings.

Our award-winning Receivership Services have earned us the distinction of being the only Court-Appointed Receiver in the country that the United States Environmental Protection Agency allows on active Superfund Sites.

Distressed Asset Management and Disposition Services

EDS represents many of the world’s leading multinational corporations in the redeployment and disposition of their surplus/nonessential/overlapping capital assets (Investment Recovery) and many of the world’s leading financial institutions, attorneys and law firms, secured creditors, investors, and myriad other stakeholders in the recovery, disposition, and conversion of their distressed assets to cash (Asset Recovery).

Our award-winning services have earned us the distinction of being the only Distressed Asset Management and Disposition services company in the country that the United States Environmental Protection Agency allows to conduct such services on active Superfund Sites.  And are pleased to serve as Keepers for the U.S. Marshals Service for federal court seizures of assets under admiralty jurisdiction.

From the disposition of an active National Priorities List Superfund Site—to a Decommissioned Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier—to the Pencils-on-the-Desk, across industries and asset classes, real and moveable, we handle it all and we have generated and returned billions of dollars to our clients’ treasuries.

EDS Distressed Investment Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Group provides financial and strategic advice to companies or assets that are undergoing special situations such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or other types of corporate transactions. Our Distressed Assets investment bankers typically work with companies in financial distress or undergoing major changes to help them navigate these complex situations and optimize their financial outcomes. This presents unique and exciting investment opportunities for skilled investors available only through EDS.

We leverage our proprietary global investment recovery, asset recovery, and distressed assets services platform to allow institutional and well-qualified private investors to participate alongside us as equals in such Distressed Asset Investing opportunities.


Court-Appointed Receiver

Receivership services refer to the management and administration of assets, property, or business operations by a court-appointed receiver.

Distressed Asset Management & Disposition

Our multidisciplinary experts provide a broad range of customized distressed asset special servicing and loan portfolio management services across industries and asset classes.

Private Equity Investments

We invest in people and afford owners and management more than just liquidity and investment dollars.

EDS' unparalleled level of expertise is recognized and appreciated in boardrooms and courtrooms throughout the world. How may we be of service to you?

Why Choose EDS

Our award-winning global suite of services

What EDS offers is unique and uniquely EDS—a purpose-built Valuation, Receivership, Distressed Asset Management and Dispositions and Investment Banking, and Private-Equity Investment firm specializing in creative solutions for global corporates and the finance and legal communities. At EDS, clients work exclusively with veteran professionals—industry instructors and international luminaries whose reputation for excellence and influential insights are recognized and appreciated in boardrooms and courtrooms worldwide.

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