Special Situations Investment Banking and Distressed M&A Advisory

EDS Special Situations Investment Banking and Distressed M&A Advisory

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EDS Special Situations Investment Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Group provides financial and strategic advice to companies or assets that are undergoing special situations such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or other types of corporate transactions. Our special situations investment bankers typically work with companies in financial distress or undergoing major changes to help them navigate these complex situations and optimize their financial outcomes.

Some of the key activities of special situations investment bankers include:

  • Identifying and evaluating potential acquisition targets or divestiture candidates
  • Advising on and executing complex financial transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Assessing and managing risks related to a company’s financial distress
  • Providing strategic and financial advice to boards of directors and management teams
  • Raising capital for companies facing financial distress
Our special situations investment bankers deeply understand the industry and the specific companies and assets they are working with and can provide valuable insights and advice on navigating and capitalizing on complex situations. We are also familiar with the regulatory environments and are able to work with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to ensure that the transactions are executed smoothly and in compliance with the laws.
EDS represents many of the world’s leading multinational corporations in the disposition of their surplus and nonessential Capital Assets, real and moveable, and financial institutions, attorneys and law firms, creditors, investors, and myriad stakeholders throughout the world in the disposition of their non-performing debt.

Our Special Situations Services Include:

When required, our strategic alliances with major Wall Street investment banks and international private-equity firms provide our clients with broad access to traditional full-service special situations investment-banking services and global investors and financial markets.

EDS has deep knowledge advising:

  • Women-Owned Businesses
  • Pharma
  • Defense Related Businesses
  • Environmentally impaired—Real and Moveable Property (Superfund and Brownfield Sites)
  • Hospitality, Gaming, Resorts
  • Shipyards, Admiralty, Maritime
  • Aviation (Fixed and Rotor)
  • Automotive (Manufacturing and Retail)
  • Heavy Industrial Plants and Facilities
  • Oil & Gas/Minerals
  • Commercial and High-Value Residential Real Estate.

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