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January 27, 2024
Camellia Bay Casino
Equity Development Systems Ltd Sources Sale of Camellia Bay Casino Site


Equity Development Systems Ltd (EDS), acting as a transactional advisor to Apex Bank, identified and arranged for the sale of the former Lake Shore Marina (Torres Properties) site in Slidell, Louisiana, to Peninsula Pacific Entertainment (P2E) for its proposed new Camellia Bay Resort, Casino, and Marina.

P2E is a developer of quality gaming and entertainment destinations that enhance the communities where they are privileged to do business. Their properties include del Lago Resort & Casino, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Colonial Downs Racetrack, and Rosie’s Gaming Emporium.

EDS has significant holdings in Slidell, and we welcome the P2E organization to the community and the tremendous economic development that Camellia Bay Resort, Casino, and Marina represents to the region,” states EDS Managing Director Steven N. Siegler. Mr. Siegler led EDS’ team of transactional advisors to Apex Bank in arranging for the sale of the site to P2E. Siegler states, “This is truly a win-win transaction for Apex Bank, P2E, Slidell, and the greater New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast region.”

For over 40 years, EDS’s Distressed Asset Management and Dispositions Services Group has skillfully guided and judiciously represented many of the world’s leading financial institutions, attorneys and law firms, secured creditors, investors, and myriad other stakeholders in the management, disposition, and conversion of their distressed assets to cash.

EDS Investment Banking and M&A Advisory

EDS’ Investment Banking and M&A Advisory Group affords our clients the opportunity to benefit from our billions of dollars in transactional and strategic advice and value-creation services in mergers and acquisitions, financing, and risk management transactions.

As a boutique investment bank, EDS is not engaged in securities underwriting, trading, or certain other activities conducted by traditional investment banks. However, we provide a broad range of research and advisory services for public and private companies.

Our services include handling the sale of a company or division or divisional capital assets, both real and moveable, or acquiring an investment-grade business or product line, as well as seeking out, identifying, and forming joint ventures and strategic partnerships for our clients. When required, our strategic alliances with major Wall Street investment banks and international private equity firms provide our clients with broad access to traditional full-service investment banking services, and global investors and financial markets.

EDS Distressed Private Equity Investing

EDS leverages its proprietary global investment/asset recovery and distressed assets services platform to acquire and/or control non-essential and overlapping capital assets through corporate consolidations and restructuring transactions, special assets and special situations from operationally challenged and financially distressed companies, and non-performing loan portfolios from secured creditors, and we invite institutional and well-qualified private investors to participate alongside us as equals in such Distressed Asset Private-Equity Investing opportunities.

EDS Traditional Private-Equity Investing

Running a company is a complex process requiring expert planning, advice, and execution. In committing its own funds, EDS does not act as a broker but rather as a value-added partner—one who, together with its affiliates, has the ability to bring to the table the funds and expertise needed to realize almost any given type of project. Our seasoned professionals provide our portfolio companies and advisory clients with a broad range of value-creating—monetizing advice and services. This includes growing the company through strategic alliances and joint ventures from within our family of portfolio companies.

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