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April 4, 2018
Ally Capital has named Equity Development Systems Ltd. (EDS) to manage all efforts related to its national distressed asset investment portfolio.


About EDS Distressed Asset Management and Disposition Services

For over 40 years, EDS has judiciously guided and skillfully represented secured creditors, attorneys, investors, and a myriad of other stakeholders in their distressed asset management and disposition needs. From the disposition of National Priority List Superfund Sites—to a Decommissioned Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier—to the Pencils-on-the-Desk, we handle it all, and we have successfully managed and generated Billions of Dollars for our global clientele in the disposition and conversion of their distressed assets and special situations to cash.

Our Distressed Asset Management and Disposition Services Group marshals onsite 24/7/365 throughout the world to provide the complete spectrum of operational management and disposition services. Our teams work closely with the secured creditor and its legal representatives to protect, preserve, maintain, operate, and otherwise enhance the going-concern value of the troubled businesses and/or business assets that might otherwise be lost during bankruptcies, foreclosures, restructurings, liquidations, and related actions while actively pursuing permanent solutions.

We specialize in handling the disposition of highly contentious and environmentally sensitive special situations. Our award-winning environmental special situations services have earned us the distinction of being the only company of its kind that the United States Environmental Protection Agency allows to conduct special situations related to asset recovery and disposition activities for secured lenders on Superfund Sites. We are very proud of this distinction and believe that it and our body of work for such multinational giants as Signal Capital, Merck, Pfizer, and GE speak to our level of expertise and the confidence placed in us.

Our distinctive Distressed Asset Management and Risk-Mitigation Services reduce risk and bring our clients the safety, comfort, flexibility, and confidence to increase credit to existing customers and to seek out and book new business opportunities where others cannot.

EDS’s unparalleled level of expertise is recognized and appreciated in boardrooms and courtrooms throughout the world. How may we be of service to you?

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