Pharmaceutical Giant Merck Names EDS to Handle National Facility Closure Management and Investment Recovery Services

merck nvestment recovery
Equity Development Systems, Ltd. handled the disposition of all Merck U.S. distribution and nonessential sales facilities as part of its acquisition of and operational consolidation with Medco. Merck is the registered trademark of Merck & Co.

EDS’ Investment Recovery Systems® Group provides investment recovery services to multinational corporations throughout-the-world. Our investment recovery corporate services capture the highest value of both real and movable assets by redeploying, repurposing or converting surplus, overlapping, nonessential, nonperforming and other such assets to cash and returning these dollars to the company’s treasury. Our programs and services have generated hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars for our clients throughout-the-world.

EDS’ award-winning investment recovery programs and services have earned us the distinction of being the only investment recovery company in the country that the USEPA allows on active Superfund Sites. We believe that this and our body-of-work for such giants as Pfizer, GE, and Environmental Allies and many others speak to our expertise and the level of confidence placed in us.

We specialize in handling all efforts related to the environmentally-responsible disposition of industrial, manufacturing, and distribution-related plants and facilities and all capital assets through corporate consolidations and restructuring transactions.

EDS’ Investment Recovery Centers of America® Group (Recovery Centers) own/operate strategically located multipurpose venues for the storage and remarketing of recovered assets. Our full-service Recovery Centers fulfill EDS’ unique capacity to immediately marshal our clients recovered moveable assets, air, land, and marine to our secure facilities for disposition. EDS’ flagship Recovery Center is the Port of Slidell in Slidell, Louisiana (Greater Gulf South, USA).

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